Circuit Scribe Review

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Circuit Scribe Review

I first heard of  Circuit Scribe through their Kickstarter campaign.  I watched the video and was extremely impressed. I was so happy to see they received their funding and the pen was now available for purchase.

The Circuit Scribe is essentially a pen with conductive material for ink. All a person needs to do is draw with it to create a real, working circuit. Imagine being able to draw a circuit, then test it out to see if you’ve completed it, rather than drawing it in pencil and comparing it to a picture in a book! This is great for kids learning about circuits because there is immediate feedback.

These photos show my 11 year-old son, Hezekiah using the Circuit Scribe to draw a simple, working circuit. He tests it out, the light is illuminated, and he knows he has created a successful circuit!

circumscriber pen review

This is so much cooler than a science book about circuits! This kit comes with just a pen and batteries, no instructions or ideas. If your child is brand new to circuits you may want to start with the Chibitronics (pictured below) or buy both at the same time, like I did.


The Circuit Scribes is sold as just a pen. No instructions, no ideas. For a person who is already familiar with circuits, this won’t be a problem. If you are using this as a way to introduce circuits to a child for the first time, you will want to buy the Circuit Scribe Workbook and Sketch Book as well. I have not used those items, so cannot review them at this time.

I think what is so brilliant about these products is it feeds my children’s natural curiosity. They are learning without textbooks or teachers. I don’t need to tell my kids to do these activities, they are drawn to them. It feeds their natural creativity. They are able to experiment and push the limits all while getting immediate feedback about whether or not the circuit works.


Circuit Scribe pros:

* easy to use

* fun

* affordable (it retails for under $20)

* a great introduction to circuits

Circuit Scribe Cons:

* no instructions


Idea age: 9 years old and up

The Circuit Scribe gets 4 out of 5 stars for me. It is fun and educational. I am only giving it four stars because if it is a child’s first introduction to circuits, you will need to purchase the workbook as well.

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