Bombas Socks Review

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Bombas socks review on Large Family Reviews

Earlier this year I purchased 20 pair of Bombas socks. I was compelled to purchase them because of two things: a blog review I read about them, and the fact that Bombas donates a pair of socks to a homeless shelter for every pair purchased. My own children needed new socks, so I decided I would give these ones a try. I also decided to purchase different colors and styles for each child, so we could keep their socks separate and put an end to the Socks Wars in our house.

Bombas Socks Review

Bombas socks are $8 a pair for kids socks. This is more than I normally spend on for everyday socks for the kids (I have and do spend more for hiking and camping socks). I really wanted to try out these socks, so I purchased a different color or style for each child.

These socks are soft and comfortable right out of the package. They hold up great through washing after washing and are thicker than the cotton socks I had been buying. I had hoped this would translate into longer lasting socks, which is has! These socks have lasting elasticity, so they don’t slouch. Ever.

Large Family Reviews Bombas socks

These Bombas even stay up well on five-year old  Apollo’s skinny little legs! My kids love these socks and while we have proven that they are not indestructible (a child has managed to put holes in a  pair) they are favorites around the house and do last longer than the Hanes and Fruit of the Loom socks we have purchased in the past.

Bombas Socks Review:



*comes in a variety of colors

*are soft and thick

*last longer than our regular cotton socks

*don’t slouch

*for each pair purchased, one is donated to a homeless shelter

*good value


*slightly more expensive than regular cotton socks

*limited styles


I have no complaints about these socks. I think they are great and if you are willing to spend a bit more upfront, these socks will last longer than your average cotton socks. I love the fact that there are enough colors to color-code the for my children.

Bombas socks get 5 out of 5 starsI love them and wish I could buy them for all my friends!


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