Hexbug Review

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These Hexbugs for this Hexbug Review were purchased by me. Post includes affiliate links.

Hexbugs have been a favorite toy in our house for years. They are tiny bug-like robots that operate on a single small battery. The motor makes the Hexbugs vibrate and the vibration propels them. The fun part about Hexbugs is the way they interact with their environment. They will bump into obstacles and then move away. The turn, move around other objects, and sometimes even flip themselves over.  Hexbugs are one of those toys where the more you have the more fun they are! Hexbug review: Hexbugs make a great gift for kids.


Inexpensive. You can buy an individual Hexbug for about $4.99 or a pack of 5 for under $20.

They are fun. Whether they have one or a dozen, these will entertain your children. My kids love to set up obstacle courses for them and have races. And by the way, your cat will love them too.

They are long-lasting. We have had several of our Hexbugs for over 5 years!

Replacement batteries are cheap. I bought a pack of 20 batteries for under $5!

For even more fun you can extend play with this  Hexbug Habitat.


I don’t have any cons. Seriously, they are that good.

The Hexbugs gets 5 our of 5 stars:  I love it and wish I could buy one for all my friends!


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  1. Hexbugs are a big favorite in my family, too! 🙂

  2. Thanks for the reviews! These look fun!

    • bergeronthames

      They are amazingly fun. I don’t know of a single child who wouldn’t enjoy playing with these!

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