HydroFlask Water Bottle Review

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Hydroflask water bottle review

Hydroflask Water Bottle Review

I bought this Hydroflask water bottle about 18 months ago. I bought it because I was so frustrated with my Klean Kanteen water bottle and needed something new. I really like stainless steel because I don’t like the taste of plastic or glass. I also love the stainless steel will keep my water cool, even in the summer. I chose the Hydroflask partially because it was in our local Food Co-op and I always cool when I buy things there (hey, I’m just being honest!) I was also intrigued by the textured surface because I was so disappointed with the paint chipping off of my Klean Kanteen. I was really searching for a water bottle that would stand up to daily use my not only me, but my children.

The Hydroflask definitely met and surpassed my expectations. After 18 months it has just a few scratches and one dent in the bottle. Despite the dent, it still sits flat! It keeps my water cool and tasty and it holds up to daily use by me, and abuse by my children!

Hydroflask 18 ounce water bottle $22-25


* comes in a large variety of colors

* large variety of lids to choose from

* keeps water cool

* sturdy and sits flat

* insulated so it doesn’t sweat


I don’t have a single complaint about this water bottle!


I am giving this water bottle a 5 out of 5 stars: I love it and wish I could buy one for all my friends!

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