Perplexus Review

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We bought this kids toy originally for our son’s 7th birthday. It is a great toy that fits our family to a “T”.  We liked it so much we bought two (one for our 2nd son’s birthday).  Please watch the video and let us know in the comment section what your thoughts are.

The perplexes is a fun challenging maze for ages 6 and up.

Perplexus Review:

The Perplexus runs about $15-30 depending on the model chosen. 

The Perplexus is a labyrinth maze game designed for children 8 and older. The object is to move and twist the Perplexus to navigate the metal ball through the maze of plastic tracks. All pieces are enclosed within the plastic ball. The ball contains 22 feet of track and includes 125 different obstacles and barriers to navigate!

The perplexes is a fun challenging maze for ages 6 and up.


*Interactive for kids.

*125 obstacles means it will occupy your children (and probably even you) for a long time.

*This toy requires quiet focus.

*This toy encourages the development of hand-eye coordination

*No noise, batteries or flashing lights!

*Easy to use


*Do not use as a ball!

*It a little delicate for younger children.


The maze games gets 5 out of 5 stars: I love it and wish I could buy one for all of my friends!

Have you ever used a Perplexus? Did you enjoy it? Share your thoughts in the comments!


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