Fox Outfitters Stainless Steel Cup Review

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Fox Outfitters Stainless Steel cup review.

Fox Outfitter Stainless Steel Cup Review

As I mentioned before, I am a fan of drinking out of stainless steel for several reasons: I prefer the taste, the smell and the durability. I have no idea how many dozens of plastic cups we have gone through in 19 years of parenting 14 children.

About a year ago, I switched to Fox Outfitters Stainless Steel Cups. These 16  ounce cups are more expensive than plastic (they run about $32 for 5). I know, pricy. But I enjoyed my HydroFlask water bottle so much, I wanted to try using these stainless steel cups for meals. Initially I purchased on set of five, to see how I liked them.

Fox Outfitters Stainless Steel cup review.

Fox Outfitter Stainless Steel Cup Specs:

16 ounces

18/8 Food Grade Stainless Steel. In plain English, 18/8 means it is designed for food.

Stackable design. When I was looking for stainless steel cups to use during meals, I was surprised to see many cute looking, rounded cups. The look of these really appealed to me, but the lack of stack-ability was a deal-breaker for me.

Rounded lip to prevent drips. This was a feature missing from several types of stainless steel cup I looked at.

Fox Outfitters Stainless Steel cup review.

We have now been using the cups for about a year. Everyone in our family enjoys drinking out of them. They have completely replaced plastic and glass in our cupboard. After having these for about a month, I ordered another set, so we now have a total of 10. Shortly after ordering a second set, I ordered a set of two 8 ounces cups for our 5 year old, and I can say I don’t like those ones nearly as much as the Fox Outfitter cups.


  • Flavor. We like the flavorless quality of stainless steel.
  • Durable. Why do people buy plastic cups for their kids? So they don’t break. You get the same thing with stainless steel, with no concerns about the possibility of toxins from plastic
  • Rounded lip. This make the cups comfortable to drink out of and nearly dripless.


  • Price. At $32 for 5, these cups aren’t cheap. But I believe they will last for years. Raising fourteen children means we often need to be thrifty in our spending, but we pay more for quality when we can, and these cups fit into that category.
  • Size. This isn’t really a con, since it doesn’t pertain to the function of the cup itself, but I really wish Fox Outfitters would make these cups in a 6 or 8 ounce size for younger kids.


We love these cups. My only complains are that I would like to see the very same cup in a  smaller size. I am giving these Fox Outfitter Stainless Steel cups 5 out of 5 stars: I love them and wish I could buy them for all my friends. 

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  2. I have a question about these cups… When filled with cold juice or whatever, aren’t they cold to hold on to? Same with hot stuff…?

    • bergeronthames

      They have never gotten too cold or too hot for me. They are insulated, so they don’t sweat at all either. I have put coffee in these for travel, and they are not too hot.

  3. Hi, I have a question . I have 8 kiddos myself, and now my cup system is everyone has there own color plastic cup. But man, oh man. We are always and forever loosing cups . Anyhow. My question is how can you tell who’s cup is who’s? Say Sally was drinking water and sets her cup down and 3 year old buddy comes along and thinks that is his cup ( since they all look the same !) … What do you do about this?

    • bergeronthames

      Oh, the endless cups! I can totally relate. Right now we own 12 cups. Two sets of these Fox Outfitter cups and two small stainless steel cups. I recommend getting something like this to color-code the cups.

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