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  Reading Buddy uses voice recognition to help your child read.

Do you have any reluctant readers? I’ve had a few in my 20 years of parenting. I currently have a ten-year old who still struggles with reading. On top of that, she hates to be wrong and hates to have people see her struggle. All of this means that getting her reading practice in at home is a trial for everyone involved. That is why I am thrilled to have the opportunity to review Reading Buddy Software.

Reading Buddy Software Review by Large Family Reviews.

Reading Buddy Software is a computer program with speech recognition. The computer listens to your child read and if they struggle over a word, the computer reads it for them. This has been a real game changer in our home. While my reluctant reader may not enjoy reading to other people, she absolutely loves reading to the computer! We have had this program for a few months now and she is making beautiful progress in her reading.

Reading Buddy is a software program with voice recognition to help your child master the skill of reading independently.

Reading Buddy uses a variety of fiction and non-fiction stories to keep kids interested and engaged. My daughter loves showing off her new knowledge after reading a book on Reading Buddy.

Reading Buddy Software Specs: 

Geared toward children grades 1-8 or ages 6-13.

$79 per month subscription.

Use on Mac or PC


  • Voice Recognition. This program works with headphones with a  built-in speaker (you need to purchase these separately). The voice recognition does a great job of actually recognizing the words my daughter is reading, unlike some other software programs we have used.
  • Program is completely responsive. I have been so impressed as I have heard the computer gently read the words to my daughter when she is struggling.
  • Children who use Reading Buddy Software generally improve their reading by 50% over 3 months. After watching my daughter use the program, I believe this is accurate.
  • The program gives immediate feedback.
  • The program allows you to easily track their work and learning.
  • You can set up incentives for your child’s learning.
  • My daughter actually enjoys using the program.


  • The program uses a child’s voice to read some portions, and the child has a lisp or speech impediment. You can still understand the child, but given the software’s goal (to improve reading) I’d prefer to have a narrator that speaks more clearly.
  • Subscription. I personally prefer to buy programs like this straight up, rather than pay a monthly subscription.


Reading Buddy Software  is an innovation reading tutor that actually engages the child and recognizes their voice. I really like the program, and more importantly, my struggling reader enjoys it. The Reading Buddy has taken the struggle out of daily reading for us. Because of the monthly subscription and child’s voice, I and going to give the Reading Buddy 4 out of 5 stars:  I like it, but it could be better.

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