Summit X3 Double Jogger Review

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Summit X3 Double Stroller stroller by Baby Jogger Review

By Merriann

When we purchased this stroller we were looking for something that was durable and would be able to stand up to being used a lot and with multiple children.  The frame is very sturdy and it has a 100-pound weight limit so it works well with older kids as well as babies.

Summit 3X Double Jogger Review

It was really important to me to have a swivel front wheel.  I wanted a stroller that was versatile enough that I could use in store, in town as well as hiking and trails.

Summit 3X Double Stroller Review


  • A hand break
  • Easy back tire removal with a push of a button
  • The shoulder straps can easily be removed for older children if you’re not running.
  • Seats also lay to pretty near flat for sleeping children or newborns.
  • It is important to remember not to jog with a baby until they are stable and strong enough to hold themselves steady.  The baby jogger website does advise not to run with the seats fully reclined.
  • There are slots along the front for adaptors that can be purchased separately to hold infant seats or a bassinet or attachments such as cup holders and snack trays
  • The structure and frame in the back makes for a strong stroller but it is difficult to access the basket from there but getting to the basket from the side is easy and I am able to fit my large diaper bag in with no problem.


  • The only thing I don’t like is The foot break is hard to release so releasing that with soft toed shoes or flip flops is more challenging


All in all I really like this stroller and I am sure it will last us for years and maintain its value for resale when we no longer need it.  Because of the foot break I would give it a 4 out of 5 meaning I really like it but it could be a little better.

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