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Post Contains affiliate links Circle with Disney Review: how we manage internet usage in our large family.

By Renee

Do you have wi-fi? Despite being an avid blogger and professional photographer, we didn’t make the jump to wi-fi until very recently. Unlike Greg and Merriann, Chuck and I have a houseful of teens, along with our younger children. We have held out on getting wi-fi because we did not want anyone in our house being able to access the internet privately. I don’t care what you say, there is just too much on the internet for us to give our children free, unsupervised access. Being plugged into the wall and having only one modem with which it access the internet is incredibly inconvenient (especially when the kids need to use the web for school) but it was worth it to us from a safety perceptive.

All of that changed when I heard about Circle with Disney.
Circle Media Inc.
Circle with Disney is a small unit that pairs with your home wi-fi to give parents full control of what is accessed on each device. We have owned the Circle with Disney since January 2016 and have been 100% satisfied with it.

Circle with Disney allows you to set up a profile for each device in your house. You then assign each device to a person and filter level.

Circle with Disney Review: how we manage internet usage in our large family.

In the image on the left you can see the profiles I have set up. They are also colored coded. In our case, the devices with kids’ names are the Kindles they own…the other devices are given descriptive names.


Circle with Disney Review: how we manage internet usage in our large family.

I can block certain sites such as: YouTube or Facebook. I am able to set a bedtime (our devices are off the internet from 7pm to 8 am). I can check at anytime to see how much time has been spent on the internet on any  given device.

My list of profiles is long because I not only have all of our devices set up, but my kids’ friends’ devices as well. Anytime someone hooks up to our wi-fi (even if I’m not home) I get a notification on my phone. I can then add the device and set the filter level I want. My kids’ friends’ don’t even know I’m doing this! They are simply blocked from accessing the sites I have turned off.

And for those of you with older kids, Circle with Disney has thought of everything. If someone unplugs the device or removes it from the home, I get a  notification for that as well!


* one time fee ($99)

* no monthly charge

* easy to set up

* full control over choosing: sites the kids can access and time limits

* allows you to “pause” the internet in the entire house

* new devices can be added quickly and easily


* Controls devices not individuals. For this to be 100% perfect, I would love for my kids to have to log into an account so I can see exactly who was where on our family computer. This is a minor complaint since I can see what was accessed and when, but the profile option would make my life a little bit easier.


I believe every family should own a Circle with Disney device. I am going to give it 5 out of 5 stars. I love it and wish I could buy one for all of my friends.

What do you use to control the internet in your home?

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