O Sip! Silicon Straw Lids Review

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O Sip SiliconLid Review

Have you ever dug through your drawer searching for a sippy cup and lid that matched? You have 17 sippy cups and 23 lids, but none of them go together? And when you do find a match, you’re missing the valve?

Review of the O sip silicon straw lids

O Sip! silicon straws and lids are the perfect solutions for kids.

These O Sip! Silicon lids are the perfect solution to that. They are versatile and fit on nearly any cup. They are small and portable. They are brightly colored (which my kids love). They are inexpensive (around $11 for a set of three – the straws are sold separately). They also come in a more traditional sippy lid style:

O Sip! silicon straws and lids are the perfect solutions for kids.


  • Fits on nearly any cup. We have tried these on stainless steel cups and mason jars.
  • Spill-proof. We knocked these over, had kids knock them over and held them upside down. These are as leak-proof as possible, while being easy to drink out of. If held directly upside down they will leak out of the small hole in top.
  • Easy to drink from. I’ve been parenting for 20 years and more than once bought a sippy cup that was leak-proof, but so hard to drink out of it was impossible for a toddler to actually use.
  • Portable. These are small, made of silicon and completely portable. These are easy to carry along anywhere.
  • Flavorless. I was a little worried about how the silicon straws would taste, but as it turns out they are nearly flavorless. My kids love using these and have never complained of the taste.


  •  Can be difficult to put on the first couple of times. These are a little hard to stretch in the beginning, but after 2-3 uses, these are easy to put on and continue to get easier without compromising the seal.


I think these are a great option if  you don’t want to keep a variety of sippy cups on hand. They are portable and could easily be stashed in a purse or diaper bag. These would be ideal for keeping at grandparent’s houses for visits. Even though our kids are older, I plan to take these camping this summer so I can use them with our stainless steel cups and spill a whole lot less hot chocolate around our campsite

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