Okroo Review {LEGO Storage Play Mat}

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Post contains affiliate links.

Post contains affiliate links.

My kids are obsessed with LEGO. Really. We have more than anyone I know. We love LEGO because it inspires creative thinking and open-ended play as well as improving spacial skills. We have so much LEGO we have a rather elaborate LEGO organization system to keep on top of things. Even the best LEGO organization system however, doesn’t lessen the pain of stepping on a stray LEGO or make them easier to clean up. Thankfully, Okroo (a circular LEGO play mat) will do that for you.

Okroo LEGO playmat review: a brilliant solution for LEGO cleanup.

Our kids love to spread their LEGO all across the floor when they play. We needed a better way for the kids to be able to clean up. When I saw this Okroo I was actually put off by the price.

$11? I assumed they must be junk at that price, but chose to order one to check it out.

Okroo LEGO storage will makes LEGO clean-up a breeze!

My 12-year-old son, Hezekiah, was happy to test this out for me.

Okroo LEGO storage will makes LEGO clean-up a breeze! The first thing I noticed was there is nothing to hold up the edges. I was worried that the LEGO were still going to fly all over…as it turned out though, once we stood the edge up with our fingers, it stayed there. This was  something that only needed to be done the first time this was played with. Each time afterward it made enough of a lip to keep the LEGO on the mat.

Okroo LEGO storage will makes LEGO clean-up a breeze!

The Okroo comes in several different sizes, but I ordered the largest one with a 60″ diameter. My kids often actually kneel on the edge of this while playing, but it still keeps the LEGO contained.

Okroo LEGO storage will makes LEGO clean-up a breeze!

The Okroo is made of sturdy material.. My kids often spread this out on our unfinished hard wood floor and it has stood up against this wear just fine.


Okroo LEGO storage will makes LEGO clean-up a breeze!

The Okroo has a drawstring and is held in place by a toggle. As you can see in this photo, because of the size of the play mat, there is a large hole in the top where LEGO could fall out. For that reason, this are much better suited for daily play, rather than long-term storage of LEGO. Having said that, our kids often just close up the bags and stuff them in the bottom of our LEGO table. We have also used these to play with LEGO a grandma’s house. This truly does make clean-up a breeze.

Okroo LEGO Play Mat Review


  • Large size means plenty of room for play.
  • Well-made. We have been using these for about two months and have had no tears, seams coming out, etc.
  • Easy to use. My six-year-old can use the drawstring and toggle to clean up.
  • Really does make clean-up easy.


  • Because of the size, this is bulky when compacted. You will need to find somewhere to store these.
  • The hole where the fabric is bunched up means these are not ideal for long-term storage.


I really love these. After having our first one for about a week, I ordered four more for my other kids. Despite being bulky to store, these are perfect. LEGO clean-up now takes seconds and we find these easy to transport from room to room in our house, or even to grandparents’ house. The Okroo gets five out of five stars: I love it and wish I could by one for all of my friends...

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  1. Oh my!! Josh was just telling me all he wants is more Legos! I feel we need this for sure.

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  3. These look awesome! Thanks for sharing!

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