Why Do Bloggers Only Write Positive Reviews?

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Why do bloggers only write positive product reviews? Come learn the ins and outs of product reviews. Have you ever wondered why bloggers only write positive reviews? Is it because they’re getting paid? Are they sell outs? Do they do it for the free products?

Our Why Behind Reviewing Products

I’ve been blogging for ten years and casually reviewing products for the past five. Let me start out by saying that writing reviews is hard. It takes a lot of planning, the photos need to be specific and detailed. Product reviews take a lot more time and effort than just writing about our recent camping trip or my favorite kitchen hacks.  Because of this, on my family blog, I generally won’t put in that much effort unless I really love a product. If I feel neutral about a product, I am not going not spend 4-6 hours reviewing it. As a result, any “organic” review (meaning I am not being paid or receiving a free product) I do will be for product I love. Otherwise it is not worth my time and effort.

What If We Hate the Product?

As far as products I don’t love, I personally have no issue with writing a less than stellar review. In fact, when I am asked by a company to review their product, I tell them straight out, “If I don’t like it or I think it is cheap, I am going to say that”.  Every company so far has been fine with this policy.

Just last month I had to write a review for a product that I was expecting to love, and ended up hating. I will tell you it took a lot of effort to write a review the didn’t just say, “I hate this, don’t buy it”. This is not the first negative review I have written and it won’t be the last.

What Makes a Quality Review?

Here at Large Family Reviews we are committed to writing quality reviews. Quality reviews (whether positive or negative) take a lot of time to write. For now, we are focusing on products we already use and enjoy (and products that work well for large families).

I purchased the Instant Pot strictly for review purposes (because readers asked me to review it), and ended up completely loving it. But if I didn’t love it, I would have written that in the review as well.

In order to write quality reviews (not just: buy this product) we have to really use the product, use it  enough times or for long enough to really evaluate it. We need to list the reasons why we love or hate it. As our site here grows I am sure that there will be more reviews of  products we don’t love. And the very reason I hate a certain product may be the very reason that makes it right for you.

I hope his helps you understand  a little more about the whys and hows of product reviews.

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