Pioneer Woman 12 Quart Stock Pot Review

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Pioneer Woman 12 Quart Stock Pot Review. Post contains affiliate links.

Review of the Pioneer Woman 12 Quart Stock Pot

I had this Pioneer Woman 12 Quart Stock Pot in my Amazon shopping cart for months. I loved the bright, beautiful color.

I hesitated to buy it, though, not knowing how sturdy it was. I hate cooking with thin, cheap cooking pots. Well, a few months ago one of my dear children burned my workhorse of a stock pot. I tried everything to clean it, to no avail. Even after losing my favorite pot, however, I was unsure about whether or not to spring for the Pioneer Woman Stock Pot.

Then while shopping at Walmart I saw the coveted pot. I was able to caress touch it and feel it. Not only was is pleasantly sturdy, but it came in vintage speckle turquoise…which happens to match my¬†Kitchen Aid mixer. Well, I could hardly leave it there as it sat sad and lonely on the shelf. Within seconds the stock pot was in my cart. I was able to feel how thick it actually was. We have a glass top electric range and I am really picky about having cookware that will sit flat on my¬†stovetop otherwise, the food just does not heat properly. The Pioneer Woman 12 Quart Stock Pot has a heavy, weighted, flat bottom.

I have now used this stock pot every single week since I purchased it. I love it! It is large enough to cook a double batch of soup or stew for our family of ten.

Pioneer Woman 12 Quart Stock Pot with Lid


Beautiful, I love the color!

Is made of carbon steel and covered with enamel.

Sturdy, flat bottom which makes it heat foods evenly.

Heat resistant up to 500 degrees.

The lid fits well on top.

Large enough for a double batch of soup for ten people.

Oven safe.


Needs to be hand washed…not an issue for us since we don’t own a dishwasher (plus it is really too big to fit in a standard dishwasher).

I worry about the enamel cracking and chipping, but that hasn’t happened yet. If it does, I will come back and update this.


I love this pot. It fits the needs of my large family perfectly and is beautiful! I am giving this five out of five stars. I love this and wish I could buy one for all my friends.

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