Beanboozled Review: A Hilariously Funny Game for the Whole Family

Beanboozled Review: A Hilariously Funny Game for the Whole Family

Beanboozled Review: Jelly Belly game where you Dare to Compare!

The Beanboozled game is perfect for big groups.

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Beanboozled game is perfect for large families!

A couple of years ago we had family visit us shortly after Christmas. The five cousins and our children had a great time reconnecting. While they were here they gave us a couple of family games, including Jelly Belly’s Beanboozled game.

Beanboozled a fun family game.

Playing Beanboozled is simple. Each regular flavored jelly bean has a nasty counterpart. You spin the wheel and grab a jelly bean. Will you get Peach? Or Barf?

Chocolate Pudding? Or Canned Dog Food?

Lime? Or Lawn Clippings?

You won’t know until you taste them.

Beanboozled Game is fun for the whole family.

My kids laughed and cried and choked and gagged…all in the name of fun.

Judah choking during a game of Beanboozled

Who is the toughest? Who can keep from spitting out the nasty flavors? I thought I might play along with the kids…but then I smelled the breath of a child who had eaten a canned dog food flavored jelly bean and backed out.

Judah surviving a game of Beanboozled.

I decided to stay safely behind the lens of my camera.

Even Apollo played! Poor kid. Have a toddler who likes to eat too much candy? This game may just solve that problem.

Large family having fun playing beanboozled game

In all seriousness, my kids loved and hated this game. If you haven’t already played, you really need to.

Large family playing beanboozled together.

The kids had a ton of fun playing this. They laughed and choked and gagged and cried. It was great!