Cozyphones Review: Headphones for Kids

Cozyphones Review: Headphones for Kids
Cozyphones review: Great for kids, great for travel

I was sent these CozyPhones kids’ headphones to review. I received no compensation for this post. Post contains affiliate links.

Cozyphones review: Do these actually work

CozyPhones Review

Finding headphones that fit toddlers and young children can be difficult. We have gone through a few different ones. Apollo has used these LilGadgets headphones since last year. While they fit well enough they tend to slide off and now that he is bigger he is complaining they are too small.

We have now had the CozyPhones for two months and I feel like I can give a thorough review.

What We Love About CozyPhones

Cozyphones headphones are great for kids.

CozyPhones are comfortable. 

CozyPhones are, well, cozy. These are so cozy that while I got these for Apollo, Mordecai keeps sneaking them off into his room. Seriously. He is 15 and uses these every single day. They are hands-down his favorite headphones.

CozyPhones has a tough, flexible braided cord that prevents those annoying tangles.

You know, the ones where you spend half of spring break trying to undo a knot only to have your child tangle them up again three seconds later? This is definitely a bonus.

CozyPhones review: the CozyPhones cord is 36" long!

The CozyPhones cord is long.

At 36-inches your child has plenty of room to move around whether they are using an iPad, gaming device, or watching a movie.

Cozyphones review: Headphones for kids

The CozyPhones actually fit.

Because these are headband style, they fit and fit well. Both Apollo (age 8) and Mordecai (age 15) love to use these headphones.

CozyPhones Cons:

CozyPhones might be too hot in the summer.

While this has not bothered my kids and they have not mentioned it I could see these being too hot in the summer. We live in a temperate climate, so we don’t get extreme weather fluctuations.

On the other hand, these would be perfect for use during outdoor exercise in the winter (I have extremely sensitive ears).

Cozyphones review: The cord did kink due to kids fiddling with it.

The braided part around our CozyPhones cord has a hole in a spot where the cord is doubled up and the cord it bent in half. This has not affected the function or sound. I plan to snip the thread in to loosen the kinked part. These headphones have been used every single day for two months straight and my kids are hard on things.

Cozyphones headphones are comfortable and durable.

CozyPhones Review Conclusion:

Honestly, I was struggling to come up with any cons for this review. We did have the funky issue with the cord, but it has not affected the sound at all and I think that was probably user error (ie: my kids are rough on things) and not a defect in the product itself.

These CozyPhones are comfortable, work well, cute, and have the non-tangle cord.