Game Night in a Can Review

Game Night in a Can Review

Originally Funded on Kickstarter

A few weeks ago I received Game Night in a Can in the mail. The creator, Jason, was kind enough to send me the game, hoping I’d like it enough to mention it on the blog. It was originally funded on Kickstarter but now can be purchased on Amazon.

Game Night in a Can is great for all ages.

This Game is Great for Large Families

Game Night in a Can is a simple game that can be played with a crowd. The game consists of 30 playing cards (games) and a spinner all contained in, you guessed it, a can.

Game Night in a Can is exactly the kind of game that is perfect for large families like ours. Unlike Escape Room (which we also love) younger kids can play this. At six, Apollo had no problem fully participating. We divided into two teams and everyone had a chance to play. There was no waiting for your turn (which can be hard in a large group). The game includes team challenges and individual challenges.

Teams are used in Game Night in a Can so everyone can play.

How to Play Game Night in a Can

To play the game you spin the spinner, choose a card and do the challenge on the card. I don’t want to spoil the surprise (because you really need to buy this game) but I will tell you we sang about mangos, told stories about mysterious crimson stains, pitched our idea for 15-passenger segue tours, and tried to convince the other team that Taco Tuesday will revolutionize our country and maybe even bring about world peace.

Game Night in a Can contains over 30 games.

We also all got to participate in the Creepy Peeper challenge. Because, as the game says, the family that creeps together peeps together.