Intex Pool Review and Set-Up Tips

Intex Pool Review and Set-Up Tips

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Intex Pool Review : 12′ x 30″ Intex Pool

Here in the Pacific Northwest, we get rain, rain and more rain in the winter. But the summers? They are filled with sunshine and warmth. After a winter of damp weather and rain, our kids can’t wait to go outside in the summer.

Enjoying beautiful sunny, PNW weather in our Intex Easy Set Pool.

Intex 12′ x 30″ Pool with Inflatable Rim

Last summer we decided to take the plunge (literally and figuratively) and bought an above ground pool for our kids. After doing a lot of research we settled on the Intex 12′ by 30″ pool.

We chose this pool because of the price ($79) and the size (12′). This pool is big enough for our children to get in and totally submerge themselves but no so deep that it would be a safety hazard to our then five-year-old son.

Enjoying beautiful sunny, PNW weather in our Intex Easy Set Pool.

Our kids literally spent hours in this pool on every single sunny day we had. They filled it with pool toys, they floated, swam and had water fights.

Enjoying beautiful sunny, PNW weather in our Intex Easy Set Pool.

For the price, we figured it was worth it to buy this pool even if it only lasted the one summer. Well, friends, we just put it up for the summer of 2017 and it is had no leaks or issues!

In the end, we used it for two summers, then upgraded to this pool.

So after having it a full year, I am ready to write a review of the Intex 12′ x 30″ above ground pool.

How to winterize your Intex pool (large family style).

Intex Pool Review:


  • Great size. The 12′ diameter of this pool means there is plenty of room for multiple kids to get in and play. It is big enough for my kids to actually swim around the edge. The 30″ depth is deep enough to submerge themselves and play, but not so deep that we needed to worry about our five-year-old.
  • Inexpensive. This pool was under a hundred bucks. For that price, my husband and I agreed, we’d be willing to buy a new one each summer if necessary.
  • Sturdy. This pool lasted the entire summer for our kids (who are not particularly gentle). We just put it up for this year and it still works! No holes or leaks.
  • Relatively easy to set up. Setting up a large pool like this takes some work, but this was relatively easy. We had the ground prepped and pool up in one afternoon.
Enjoying beautiful sunny, PNW weather in our Intex Easy Set Pool.


  • Filter inadequate. The filter that comes with this pool is not quite strong enough. We used it all last summer and are using it currently, but plan to upgrade it to something bigger.
Enjoying beautiful sunny, PNW weather in our Intex Easy Set Pool.


This is totally 100% worth the $79 price tag. It held up to heavy use and is into its second year. While the filter is somewhat inadequate we used it all last year and plan to replace it this year. If you are looking for a sturdy, inexpensive pool the Intex 12′ x 30″ pool is perfect.

Tips for setting up Intex Pool

The ground must be level! A pool like this will only work if the ground is level.

Below is a five-minute video that shows us clearing the ground and making a firm foundation for our Intex Pool. This is more of a demonstration and less of a how-to.

We used Dow Styrofoam Sheets to provide a solid platform for our pool and pumped it up with All, in all, it took about half a day to get the ground cleared and our pool set up for use.

Recommended accessories to buy with your Intex Pool. 

These are the must-haves according to my husband.

Floating Chlorine Dispenser

Buy this and set it up on day one to keep a clean, healthy pool.

Pool Maintenance Kit

This set has everything you need to check and maintain your pool water.

Solar Pool Cover

This cover with keep out debris and heat your pool.

Do you put up a pool in the summer? What type do you have?