Marie’s Words Review: SAT Vocabulary Flashcards

Marie’s Words Review: SAT Vocabulary Flashcards

{Timberdoodle provided me with Marie’s Words in exchange for giving an honest review.

Marie's Words Review: A great way to review words as a part of SAT prep.

According to the back of the box:

“Marie’s Words is the work of a high school junior who was preparing for the SAT. Its original illustrations convey the meanings of these 550 words used in literature and on standardized tests. In addition, Marie’s Words provides the correct pronunciations, definitions, synonyms and antonyms, and sentences structured to SAT standards.”

Marie's Words Review: This is a fun and simple way to expand vocabulary and prep for the SAT

Marie’s Words Review: Is it fun? Engaging? Enjoyable?

According to my test panel (Tilly, Judah, Enoch, and Devon), YES. The described the play as being a bit like Balderdash. One person reads a sentence out loud, and the other players try to copy it down exactly. The first person then collects the cards, reads all of the sentences out loud and the other players try to guess which was the original sentence. I heard a whole lot of laughter coming from across the room as I watched my children play this. 

Marie's Words Review: A painless way to help prepare for the SAT.

Play the Game or Use As Flashcards

As I mom, I plan to use these as basic vocabulary cards- even a young child can learn from the pictures and remember them. There is a reason standardized tests focus so much on vocabulary. We all communicate with words. The more words you know, the better you can express yourself. It helps with writing and it certainly helps with reading. I have always been one to “push” my children a bit with words. Always reading a book just a bit above their level. Never backing down from using large, complicated words.  When my children have done their yearly testing here in Washington, they had done fantastic on the vocabulary sections. Most of my children achieving perfect scores in that section.

Marie's Words Review: Marie's Words is a fun and simple way to expand vocabulary and prep for the SAT

In my opinion Marie’s Words is well worth the $22.50 price tag, and a must for homeschool families with older children.

Marie’s Words Review