Mosaic Weighted Blanket Review

Mosaic Weighted Blanket Review

Why a Weighted Blanket?

Honest Mosaic Weigthed Blanket review by the mom of a teen with autism.

We bought this 15-pound Mosaic weighted blanket for my son with autism. He is a sensory seeker and like many kids with autism, he often has trouble sleeping. Weighted blankets are proven to help with anxiety, restlessness, and sleep. I personally sleep with a weighed blanket can attest to just how wonderful it is.

This Mosaic Weigthed Blanket was purchased for my son with autism who is a sensory seeker.

Options for Mosaic Weigthed Blanket

The Mosaic weighted blanket offers tons of choices in colors, patterns, and sizes. You could easily spend an hour on the website customizing your blanket.

Mosaic weighted blankets are made in the USA. The Mosaic weighted blankets are expensive (my son’s cost $199), but I am willing to pay almost anything for a good night’s sleep. The blankets are also made in the USA, and I am happy to support that.

No Outer Cover

Mosaice Weigthed blanket review: there are plenty of color, weight, and size options.

The Mosaic Weighted Blanket has no outer cover. They can be purchased separately, but this blanket is already much more expensive than other brands. This is a huge issue for me. The website says they are machine washable. I don’t know about your washing machine, but I know there is no way mine can wash a twin-sized, 15-pound blanket.

Poor Bead Distribution

Mosaic Weighted Blanket review. The poor bead distribution in this weigthed blanket means the beads tend to pool at the bottom of each square.
The hand is there simple to show you how the beads all pool at the bottom of each square.

This is my biggest complaint and the real dealbreaker here. It seems to me that the Mosaic weighted blanket has each square filled with beads and nothing else in the square (whereas the Huggaroo and Sonno Zona have some type of batting in with the beads). This means that the beads tend to pool at the bottom of each square making them distributed unevenly. This definitely affects the coziness and feel of the blanket.

I Will Not Be Purchasing Again

While the blanket is weighted and you can choose from multiple sizes, weights, and patterns, this is an inferior product to the much cheaper Sonna Zona weighted blanket I bought off of Amazon.