Sonna Zona Weighted Blanket Review

Sonna Zona Weighted Blanket Review

Weighted Blanket Review

The first weighted blanket I ever bought was for my 8-year-old son who has chronic sleep issues. Less than a week later I ordered my own 15-pound Sonna Zona weighted blanket. As soon as I felt the cozy weight of his blanket I knew I needed one of my own. I sleep so much better with a weighted blanket.

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The Sonno Zona weighted blanket helps with anxiety and restlessness.

Since then we have bought three more weighted blankets. They are a bit of an investment, so several of my kids are still waiting for their turn for their own weigthed blankets.

Why Use a Weighted Blanket?

Weigthed blankets offer calm sensory input for people with anxiety or trouble sleeping. They can be very calming and help with restless leg syndrome. For me, I like to pull the blanket right up to my shoulders and feel the weight of the blanket surrounding my entire body. I have struggled with sleep for years and can honestly say my Sonno Zona weighted blanket helps me get better quality sleep.

What Size Weighted Blanket Should I Buy?

The general formula for a weighted blanket is 10% of your body weight. This will vary depending on your personal preference, of course. I have found the larger 20-pound 60×80″ blanket is my preferred size/weight over the 48×72″ 15-pound blanket. Due to the large surface area of the 20-pound blanket, they feel the same.

This sonna zona weigthed blanket has helped me fall asleep and sleep better through the night.

Apollo has just moved up from his original 7-pound 38×36″ blanket to a 48×72″ 12-pound blaket. The weight of the 7-pound blanket still worked well but he was just getting too tall for it.

We have now purchased three different brands of weigthed blankets and the Sonna Zona is by far my favorite. It has the best price and the best features. We now own three Sonna Zona weighted blankets.